The Printing

Heat Transfer (Vinyl)

If you want single-colour designs that would fit on a sheet of A4 paper (for example names and numbers on football shirts), heat transfer vinyl is the way to go. It involves cutting the desired shape out of a sheet of vinyl, which is then applied using heat and pressure. Custom T-shirts using more than one colour are possible by creating multiple transfers,


Using professional-quality machinery similar to your home printer, digital printing takes a full-colour image and puts it direct onto a T-shirt, hoodie or any other garment. This makes it ideal for one-off jobs or short runs, or prints where high-resolution is required. But whereas your home printer only works properly on white paper, we can digital print onto any colour fabric by using a pre-treatment.

Heat Press

Our heat press multi flex vinyl is a multi purpose material for application.  We use this material for customizing:  semi contact gloves/boots, leather boxing gloves, competition gloves or training gloves. Multi Flex has a sticky backing which makes it easy to cut, weed and has a better application when customozing products that will endour force or impact. Ideal for both fine and large detailed logos and can be layered to make multi colour transfers.


The matte range  has been developed to offer reduced surface glare from overhead lighting, for internal applications such as exhibition and retail. The product features a repositionable adhesive providing a lower initial tack and clean removal in the short term. It offers exterior durability up to 5 years for black and white, 4 years for colours and 3 years for metallic colours. We use sticker transfer for all of our dipped foam products such as headhuards and shin/forerams.