Referee Scoring Box

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It is difficult to determine players kicks within 0.4sec. Video reply is being used especially for the kicks to the head. KP&P judge box tells the judge whether player’s kick is valid or not with vibration function. perfect PSS (Protector & Scoring System) is getting closer to us.

KP&P wireless judge box is used to give points with the electronic protectors from the head point, fist point, and extra point. The judge box device is for manual scoring however it has a vibration mode function to help & give information to the judges.

Electronic head gear assist to the judges to give head point with vibration mode when it detects impact. Electronic head gear would exclude ambiguous ruling and it will lead to clearer judgment.

In addition, the judge box vibrates when it is impacted by certain strength and this also can be granted more accurately, vibration mode is optional and can be selected by applying.

KP&P referee judge box responds very quickly through the receiver to the program as soon as it starts reading the signals. Wireless speed is within 1/00 sec or less, very stable with short-range communication, wireless disconnection does not happen.

It is easy to install and set up which makes competition run very smoothly.

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