Adults World Taekwondo Embroidered Back Tusah Uniform

Adults World Taekwondo Embroidered Back Tusah Uniform

Elasticated drawstring waist. TAEKWONDO in English and Korean stitched on the back of the jacket. 80/20% Poly/cotton ribbed material.  Full length gusset. Complete with white belt. WT Approved.


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Adults World Taekwondo Embroidered Back Tusah Uniform

The Adults World Taekwondo Embroidered Back Tusah uniform is made up of 80% Polyester 20% Cotton ribbed material, the Dobok is designed to feel light and flexible giving you zero restriction when training and competing, while being simultaneously durable. A soft spandex band is incorporated in the waist section for extra flexibility and comfort.

The Trousers have an elasticated waist with a drawstring for a super secure fit. With extra stitching in the stress points for durability. Full length gusset has been built in for full flexibility.

Again extra stitched in all the stress points for toughness and durability. The WT Approved White collar uniform also comes complete with white belt.

Uniform Sizing

The sizing of the Tusah Taekwondo Dobok is slightly different to many other martial arts uniforms, basically ignore the first number and use the second part. It works on height, for example a 170 size is for a person who is 170cm tall.  WT APPROVED White Collar WT APPROVED White Collar Uniform Adult Sizes: 170cm – 210cm Childrens sizes available here 90cm-160cm

If you have any questions about what size is best for you, feel free to contact us at our shop to discuss it on: 01752 251745

(Tusah Brand)

The Tusah brand is one the he leading Taekwondo brands in the world and this is Premium Dobok is designed for professional athletes. The Tusah Taekwondo Dobok is WT approved so can be used in all WT competitions across the world.

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White Collar Embroidered Back


170cm/3, 180cm/4, 190cm/5, 200cm/6, 210cm/7