2 trunk protectors (one red and one blue) in one size

1 charger

1 receiver with software



Electronic Trunk Protector
Force is uniformed throughout (no black spots)

KPnP Electronic Trunk Protector. (PSS Scoring Systems) Force is uniformed throughout the Trunk Protector (no black spots)
Strike value is directly proportional according to the strength variations. Detecting 4 impacts max within second. Fast scoring record (sending & receiving in 0.01sec) Wireless operation (Easy setup) Distinguishes push kicks or brush kicks, able to rule out specific kicks. Light weight & high durability of Electronic Protector. Easy to manage product lifecycle ( able to record hit impact)

If you want to see a stable wireless system with a thrilling game precedes that runs smoothly and continuously then choose KPnP the proximity sensor – it fulfil all kinds of Taekwondo and able to express Taekwondo skills such as Head point & fist point by proximity sensor.

Receiver with software
The stability of the communication is very important as well as the accuracy of the impact sensor is also the most sensitive part. If wireless system goes wrong during competition, it may cause serious problems and trouble during the event.

KPnP receiver, dual PHY form IEEE 802.15.4 compliant and use the 2.4GHz frequency band, and the data transfer rate is 250kbps. Used for a long period of time to minimize the power consumption, has a big advantage. 30m in the local area received less radio interference can maintain a very reliable communication within.




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KPNP Electronic Trunk Protector (1 red, 1 blue)

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One Size

Receiver With Software

One Size


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