Karate Gloves

Karate Gloves

WKF Style are finished with velcro strapping making them ideal for both semi-contact and full contact training sessions.

These are perfect for punching and sparring. Provides coverage for wrist, thumb, knuckles and the back of the hand. The inclusion of the thumb gives maximum support and a better grip for all kinds of training sessions.


Karate Gloves


  • Karate mitts provide you with extra wrist support and protection!
  • Double extra-wide Velcro wrist closures give you a secure grip.
  • Extended Focus Mitt is sold individually
  • Available in red, blue, and white
  • Sizes: small, medium, and large

Karate mitts have been used by karate practitioners for a long time, especially since the introduction of Karate to the west. Used to help protect the knuckles and the opponent during sparring practice and in competition fighting. All karate gloves out there offer no wrist support and have a padded area on the knuckles and back of the hand. The palm is open, which allows you to grab or utilise open palm strikes.

These gloves are made with injection molded foam covered with a red coloured vinyl. They also have an elastic strap with Velcro fastening for securing around the wrist. Many competitions require you to fight in a red and blue pair, so many people buy both colours, prior to a competition.

Made with the WKF style in mind, which includes the thumb hole, which adds extra support and helps stop it being bent backwards. A very well made gloves that will last you a long time in your training.




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Red, Blue, White


Child Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large


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