Practice Rubber Knife

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Practice Rubber Knife

  • Soft rubber knife to harness your knife defences
  • Solid handle for a firm grip
  • Perfect your skills without fear of injuries
  • All rubber construction


Practice Rubber Knife

Our KMA Practice Rubber Knife is 9.5″ (23.75cm). It is  made out of rubber that has been painted silver and comes with a black handle. These practice knives can be used in self defence practice.

Practice Rubber Knives are used to practice self-defense techniques by Martial Arts such as Krav Maga. This piece of flexible training equipment allows martial artists to practice techniques  without hurting themselves or their partners.

A Practice Rubber Knife is often shaped either as a traditional Tanto or a more modern combat knife. Other similar training tools include rubber batons and rubber guns.

This item is a practice training aid only and must not be used for full contact training. Any damage incurred through misuse of this item is the sole responsibility of the customer and will invalidate its warranty and returns policy. 



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1 review for Practice Rubber Knife

  1. London Gurkha Taekwondo Reading

    one plastic knife

    • Andrew

      New stock has gone back to old design and is now rubber. Thanks for your feed back

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