Classic Tusah Taekwondo Shoe

Classic Tusah Taekwondo Shoe Range

The Classic Tusah Taekwondo Shoe Range has a Soft synthetic perforated detail and is designed for breath ability. In addition, the bamboo fiber layered insole provides more effective sweat absorption, and anti-order and anti-bacterial functions.  Indoor training shoe in synthetic perforated material.


Classic Tusah Taekwondo Shoe

Tusah takes you back to the classics with this design to honor where Taekwondo began. Let us not forget the classic style that we all grew up with and loved. Classic is forever.


We inserted an insole that you can only find in premium shoes for extra support and comfort.
The circle shapes at the bottom is raised enough for durable performance.

  • Official Tusah Product
  • Slip on design
  • We recommend you get 1/2 (half) a size bigger than you normally wear
  • 1 Pivot Point on Sole; Ultra light and flexible shoe.

Available in sizes:

Classic Shoe UK Child 13 ( EU 32   19cm)
Classic Shoe UK Child 1 ( EU 33.5  20cm)
Classic Shoe UK Child 2 ( EU 35  21cm)
Classic Shoe UK Child 3 ( EU 36  22cm)
Classic Shoe UK Child 4 ( EU 37.5  23cm)
Classic Shoe UK Adult 5 ( EU 38.5  24cm)
Classic Shoe UK Adult 6 ( EU 40  25cm)
Classic Shoe UK Adult 7 ( EU 41  26cm)
Classic Shoe UK Adult 8 ( EU 42.5  27cm)
Classic Shoe UK Adult 9 ( EU 44.5  28cm)
Classic Shoe UK Adult 10 ( EU 45.5  29cm)
Classic Shoe UK Adult 11 ( EU 46.5  30cm)
We recommend you get 1/2 (half) a size bigger than you normally wear



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UK Childrens Size 13, UK Childrens Size 1, UK Childrens Size 2, UK Childrens Size 3, UK Childrens Size 4, UK Adults Size 5, UK Adults Size 6, UK Adults Size 7, UK Adults Size 8, UK Adults Size 9, UK Adults Size 10, UK Adults Size 11, UK Adults Size 12


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