Junior Double Kick Target

Our Junior Double Kick Target is great for the little ones to motivate martial arts students of all ages with the thrilling sound effect when kicked!


Junior Double Kick Target

Our Junior Double kick target is made of foam and covered with PU. The kick paddles feature assorted ninja cat and snake designs.

Kick paddles are almost exclusive to Taekwondo, but many other martial arts styles could benefit and improve their kicking techniques by using them. These are not for developing power but for working on accuracy and precision. Depending on the drills you can also work on, speed, dynamic flexibility and Kicking combinations.

This double kick paddle is made with a two headed end which ‘slap’ together when kicked correctly. This gives the user an idea of how well they are kicking and a bit of feedback to adjust their training.


Available in Orange Ninja Cat or Green Snake double kick target variants. Made in China with child-friendly design in the middle.

  • Material: quality PU outside and elastic compression sponge inside
  • High quality PU  fabric, Soft and comfortable, high-density, perfect veneer with thick sponge seamless integration
  • Target with internal core, forming with thick material, tenacity, resistance to bending. Quality with thicker sponge.
  • Single hand pad for speed kick training
  • ‘Slap’ sound when hit correctly
  • Elastic wrist strap



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