Childrens World Taekwondo Professional Female Poom

Childrens World Taekwondo Professional Female Poom is made up of 55/45% cotton/polyester fabric mix for a vibrant snap during performance.

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Childrens World Taekwondo Professional Female Poom

Poomsae forms often symbolise nature and the natural world; for example Earth, Thunder, and Mountain. Each technique used in the forms represents the symbol the athlete is embodying. Tusah have developed a uniform that empowers athletes to perform their Poomsae forms and embody nature with no limitations.

​The Tusah Premium Collection delivers top quality equipment for professional athletes. The true innovation behind this was inspired from the athlete themselves. Our engineers developed unique designs and functionality based on collected research from Olympic medalists. Time & precision was put into each detail for maximum athlete satisfaction.

This Tusah brand WT Approved Professional Female Poom Uniform consists of a white top with a red and black collar and red trousers.

The cotton/polyester fabric mix is designed to look good and give total comfort. The Tusah Poomsae Dobok is a winning combination, designed to stand out for quality, professionalism, and total feel good factor.

Available in sizes 140cm – 160cm



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Red/Black Colar Wrap


140cm, 150cm, 160cm


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