Adults European Heavyweight Gi ~ 13oz

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Adults European Heavyweight Gi

Luxury white canvas heavyweight Karate Gi with a traditional European cut.

100% cotton, approximately 13oz weight

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Adults European Heavyweight Gi


For the serious practitioner, our adults european heavyweight gi has traditional stitching that ensures an excellent snap in every technique. While the comfortable European style cut provides the wearer with a full length sleeve, and trouser leg without compromising on full freedom of movement.

The heavyweight Karate Gi is made from ‘brushed cotton’. Which gives silky type feel to the Gi against your skin. Much less harsh than the majority of Karate Gi on the market. Also because the canvas is good quality it bends easily not restricting your movement in anyway, but still is tough enough to provide a good ‘snap’ when kicking or punching.

Quality of the build is important when choosing a Karate Gi, because it will massively effect the longevity of the Karate suit. This European Cut Karate Gi is almost over engineered, with in some places, such as the bottom of the top and trousers, 7 rows of stitching.

Traditional drawstring waistband no belt included.

Adults European Heavyweight Gi


Sizes from 140cm – 160cm

Childrens Sizes availale: Childrens European Heavyweight Gi

Our size charts are measured in CM.

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170cm, 180cm, 190cm, 200cm, 210cm


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