Childrens Striped Martial Arts Belts

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Childrens Striped Martial Arts Belts

In the sense that they are part of traditional dress, to denote grade and ability. It is a fairly modern addition to the traditional martial arts class.

This grading system has caught on and is now popular all over the world. Styles include Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do and even Kickboxing. Recently Brazilian Ju Jitsu has taken on the belt ranking system.

Striped Childrens Martial Arts Belts Sizes

We supply Taekwondo and Karate plain colour belts that are 4cm wide. Available in three sizes- 240cm long, 280cm long, and 320cm long. To fit everyone from the smallest child, to the tallest adult. Colours available are: white, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, purple, brown and black.

Colour fast tested belts ensure excellent quality and longevity.

Childrens Striped Martial Arts Belts Colours available are:

white/purple white/orange white/yellow  yellow/green, green/blue, blue/red, red/black  purple/white, brown/white, brown/2 white, black/ white, white/green, white/blue, white/red, white/black, white/brown. Red/black as a half-and-half colour poom style belt.

Colour fast tested belts ensure excellent quality and longevity.

  • All the colours you’ll need for your taekwondo training
  • To increase grading possibilities and show ability in class
  • All the mid grade up to Black Belt

Adults Martial Arts Belts available

Plain Martial Arts Belts (Custom)

Import from our factories to your specification.
If you are interested call our sales team for details and enquires on 01752 251745

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Blue/Red, Brown/2White, Brown/White, Green/Blue, Purple/White, Red/Black, White/Brown, White/Orange, White/Purple, White/Red, White/Yellow, Yellow/Green, Black/White, White/Black, White/Blue, White/Green


Childrens 240cm


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