Elasticated Hand Mitts

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Elasticated Hand Mitts

Our KMA white Elasticated mitts are perfect for striking and defending during loose sparring in all martial arts.

  • Padded elasticated slip on hand supports
  • Easy to slip on and off as needed
  • Cushioned padded protective outer
  • Towelling inner ensures comfort
  • Ideal for light sparring and pad work
  • Padding reduces the risk of bruising
  • Sold in pairs


Elasticated Hand Mitts are available in white only in sizes child small, adult medium or adult large


  • Please select colour and size


Elasticated Hand Mitts

Used mainly in karate for sparring practice, build they are something mainly styles of martial arts can use. Our elasticated mitts are designed for very light sparring. They act as a protection for your hand, to help avoid bruising and swelling.

Slip on design, Easy to slip on and off, they work perfectly for training sessions that have pad work, sparring, drills all mixed into one, where a glove needs to be taken on and off regularly.

Sold as a pair, our elasticed hand mitts offer excellent protection at a budget price.
The outer material is made up of 95% polyester with 5% elastic. The inside lining is made of 100% polyester. Inner material is padded EVA foam.


  • Good for beginners practising punching
  • Elasticated fabric, easy slip-on design
  • Machine washable
  • Provides ultimate protection to the hand
  • Used for many Martial Arts disciplines



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Child Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large


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