Elasticated Jockstrap Groin Guard

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Elasticated Jockstrap Groin Guard

White elasticated groin guard to provide protection and security during loose sparring in any martial art.

Available in XS, small, medium, and large.

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Elasticated jockstrap groin guard

Accidental low blows are inevitable in any type of contact sport. Luckily, it’s easy to protect yourself from them!

Our standard Elasticated Jockstrap Groin Guard follows the tried-and-true design of a cloth jock strap and plastic cup insert that has remained unchanged for years. Why hasn’t it changed? Because it works!

Whether you’re just starting to dabble in martial arts sparring or have recently become familiar with the uncomfortable pain of a hit to the groin and wish never to repeat it, you owe it to yourself to stay protected!

Add a martial arts Cup and Supporter groin guard to your sparring gear bag and stay safe!

Product Details:

  • Soft Elastic Band – Stay snug and comfortable!
  • Strong Plastic Cup Insert – Protects you from the toughest blows.
  • Essential For Sparring – Ideal for any full contact scenario!


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Child XS, Child Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large


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