Practice Rubber Tonfa

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Practice Rubber Tonfa

Made of black foam with inner PVC. Ideal for beginners and juniors to practice with confidence

A sharp knock from a hardwood tonfa can put a serious damper on your day. Keep yourself protected while honing your weapons katas with these Rubber Foam Tonfa!

At an average 20″ long, these training tonfa are designed to fit the majority of tonfa practitioners. A stiff rubber core surrounded by 1/4″ thick foam padding offers a safe, yet authentic, way to sharpen your tonfa swinging skills. It’s the ideal training weapon!

Whether you’re just looking for a safer alternative to your usual pair of wooden tonfa, or you’re looking for your first pair of trainers, you won’t be disappointed by these Rubber Foam Tonfa.

Foam Tonfa Details:

  • Soft Rubber Casing – Stay safe while training!
  • Stiff Plastic Core – Practice like it’s the real thing!
  • The Ideal Training Tonfa – Perfect for law enforcement & martial arts training!
  • 20″ long (approx.)
  • Sold in Pairs

This item is a practice training aid only and must not be used for full contact training. Any damage incurred through misuse of this item is the sole responsibility of the customer and will invalidate its warranty and returns policy. 

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