Practice Rubber Bokken

Available in black 42in/105cm


Practice Rubber Bokken

Our Practice Rubebr Bokken is the perfect practice sword for anyone just beginning training. It has a light wood core covered in 1/4″ of black foam and features a two piece hand guard and plastic tip for extra safety.

It is all black colour apart from the tsuba grip which is red.  Foam covered Bokken including the handle and the full blade length. The core of the bokken is a plastic, and pretty durable. These foam bokken swords come with the tsuba already built into the foam for good hand protection.

Please Note: These swords are padded to protect you from yourself. They are not suitable for swordplay as the light wood core will break if you strike two of them against each other. For that type of sword consider one of wooden bokkens Red Oak Bokken

Martial arts foam weapons are great for sparring and practising in a safe way, whether its self-defence or discipline.

You can also buy the Jo Staff Case to store and carry it in.
Bokken Case


This item is a practice training aid only and must not be used for full contact training. Any damage incurred through misuse of this item is the sole responsibility of the customer and will invalidate its warranty and returns policy. 

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