Pro Shield Braces Mouthguard White

Pro Shield Braces Mouthguard White

Moulds when submerged in boiling water. Complete with a case in wide range of colours.

  • A conventional gum shield
  • Moulds when submerged in boiling water
  • Comes with matching case
  • Variety of colours to select from
  • For ages 12+


Pro Shield Braces Mouthguard White

Teenagers and adults who wear braces often think they need to sacrifice their favorite sports for straight teeth and an attractive smile.The Pro Shield Braces Mouthguard usually provide a little more room than regular mouth guards, but they offer the same level of protection.

The extra width allows you to cover your braces as well as the teeth and gums Though the braces mouth guard should still fit comfortably and not impede your breathing.

The braces mouthguard is designed to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums, most often it is used in contact sports, where these type of injuries are more common (basketball, football, hockey, martial arts, boxing, weight lifting & rugby).

Fitting your Braces Mouthguard

Place in boiling water for 15-20 seconds

Get out with a spoon and put in cold water for 1 second

Line up central of gum shield with centre of teeth and press firmly against teeth

Bite down firmly on the mouth guard and suck your cheeks for 10 seconds

Use fingers to press mouthguard against your teeth

Repeat these steps if the appliance is not fitting properly. If necessary use scissors to trim away any excess material.

Caring for your Braces Mouthguard

Keep in mind bacteria and fungi can gradually colonize used mouth guards, so it’s important to clean them after taking them out. Brushing with a toothbrush, along the mouthguard with toothpaste cleans the mouth guard effectively. Or you can rinse them with an anti-microbial solution.

Popping in mouth guard before playing sports is the most effective way of protecting braces while enjoying healthy exercise.



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For children and adults aged 12+


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