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Strike shields with foam insert and reinforced holding straps. Suitable for both punching and kicking.

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These shields provide the perfect targets for a variety of kicking and punching drills. Made with foam padding and a vinyl covering.

Secure and sturdy straps prevent injury to the holder and the user.

Our shields is an extremely simple piece of training equipment and have long been used by many martial arts styles as a way of training kicks. Child and Adult classes use them often. They are, for most people, the first time you’ll actually kick something, as most clubs don’t have punch bags or throw you into sparring straight away. That contact allows you to build up power but also work son you balance. The holder of the Curved kick shield can work on his / her stance and posture.

Used by most martial arts that have kicking in their system. Low and high but side kicks, front kicks, back kicks and hook kicks can be worked on just as easily.

Choose from three sizes and styles to find the perfect shield for your needs.

Rectangular: 18in x 12in x 4in (45cm x 30cm x 10 cm)

Flat: 28in x 14in x 5in (70cm x 35cm x 12.5cm),

Curved: 28in x 14in x 5in (70cm x 35cm x 12.5cm).

Black at front with Red sides and handles.

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Rectangular 18in x 12in x 4in, Flat 28in x 14in x 5in, Curved 28in x 14in x 5in


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